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Phoozy Smartphone Thermal Capsule

$29.99 from Phoozy »

Phoozy thermal capsules protect smartphones from physically destructive temperature swings similar to how Silent Pocket privacy cases protect them from personally destructive cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and...

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ORII Voice-Powered Bone Conduction Smartphone Ring

$99 - $129 from ORII »

The ORII Smartphone Ring combines the best of voice activation, bone conduction, James Bond, and pretending your hand is a telephone like you did as a kid. Except there's no pretending with this Kickstarter project from...

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Mokase Smartphone Cover Coffee Maker

$57 from Mokase »

Mo' crazy, mo' coffee, Mokase! It's the latest mobile phone feature we 0% need but, while collectively rolling our eyes, some of us will still get: a smartphone case that brews coffee....

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Sonnet - Off-Grid Mobile Communication

$89 from Sonnet Labs »

I was going to write you a sonnet about the forthcoming Sonnet, a hexagon of wireless communication that let's you send smartphone messages, images, and GPS locations to other Sonnet owners even when there's no cellular...

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Jelly - The Smallest 4G Smartphone

$79 - $95 from Kickstarter »

What is this, a smartphone for my smartphone? No? You mean I'm supposed to hold this Jelly, this...this...thing that's no bigger than a pack of peanut butter crackers, in my own giant manhands, and use it to talk and...

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Retro Thick Brick Cell Phone

$56.99 from Amazon »

I smell a gift for the grad comin' in hot! Giving an LBER KR999 classic thick brick cell phone to young whippersnappers is like giving them a piece of history to take with them into the future. It's a reminder of where...

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CLIC - Real Marble iPhone Case

$79.99 from Native Union »

Add just 18 pounds to the weight of your iPhone with a real marble case! Just kidding. Though CLIC really is a slice of genuine marble, when Native Union saw it fashioned into an ultra-classy phone case they kept its...

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Severed Zombie Hand Phone Mount

$40 from JONTHINGS »

February 2017 Update: We have received some complaints from readers who purchased the Zombie Hand Phone Mount, but never received it, and are having trouble communicating with its seller. We recommend checking out our...

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Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth Communicator

$149.99 from ThinkGeek »

In the original Star Trek series, the communicator was a super long-range walkie-talkie Starfleet ships used to message between or within each other. Over time, it became an artifact of the future as seen through the...

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Google Ara Modular Phone

By: Ara »

Maybe you've never heard of Google's Project Ara. More likely, you've heard of it all too often. Heard of it like you've heard of Sasquatch. Some swear it's real. Some of those even swear they've seen the myth in person....

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The Phone Claw

$20 - $30 from JONTHINGS »

This is the pitch I got from Jon when he emailed to suggest The Claw for a Dude feature: "Hey there, I am Jon. I like weird things. As it so happens I make weird things too." Cool. Simple, to-the-point, no PR jargon....

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Bat-Signal Smartphone Light

$5 from Etsy »

Holy contemporary America, Batman! Even the Bat-Signal has been shrunk, 3D-printed, and made available for Millennials' personal use as a distress call! Like when a company has the nerve to turn them away when they show...

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Smartphone Windblocker

$14.99 from Amazon »

I hate talking on the phone, so in addition to whipping breezes and disruptive gusts, the Windblocker also blocks one of my best excuses for not doing it. Yeah, sorry, Mama, it's just so windy on my walk to work today...

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Beartooth Off-Grid Communication

$249 - $399 from Beartooth »

Middle of nowhere with no service? Or, how about this: center of the Earth--New Year's Eve in Times Square, Coachella, the Super Bowl--with service completely jammed by all the other yay-hoos trying to text and post to...

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City Map Wooden iPhone Cases

$30 - $35 from CutMaps »

CutMaps brings hometown pride, or dreams of greener pastures, to your cellphone. The Virginia-based design shop laser cuts city maps into pieces of cherry wood to form the backings for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus cases....

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Figment VR - Virtual Reality iPhone Case

$49 from Figment VR »

Figment. It's a little bit of your imagination, and a little bit of jacked-up VR and AR tech to make that imagination come to life in front of, as well as behind your eyes. It's also the first virtual reality / augmented...

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DRAS Foldable Smartphone Concept

You can't buy a DRAS foldable smartphone yet, but the flexible touchscreen technology it uses is at least a little more than just a pipe dream. DRAS stands for Digital Resistive Area Sensing, and it's a real system in...

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IncrediSonic Smartphone VR Headset

$39.95 from Amazon »

Bring more life and isolation from the other yay-hoos on the bus to your smartphone with IncrediSonic's Vue Series 3D virtual reality headset. Designed to enhance the 300+ VR apps from the Google Play and Apple App stores...

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A Drink & a Smoke Impact-Proof iPhone Case

Sold Out from Amazon »

Clearly the impact-resistance feature of ZVE's iPhone case is going to come in muy handy after its built-in bottle opener and USB lighter get you drunk and stoned off your Apple iOS. The cover, available in sizes for...

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Juice Booster Phone-to-Phone Charger

$15.31 from Mustard »

Remember how your mama always taught you to share your toys and give to those less fortunate than you were? Remember how much it sucked? Your bratty cousin Georgie getting to play with all your best GI Joes, and your...

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RePhone Open-Source Modular Phone Kit

$60 - $189 from Seeed Studio »

RePhone is for makers. True to its parent company, Seeed Studio's ethos, the open-source modular phone kit provides a gateway for the inquisitive to "grow inspirations into differentiating products." With RePhone you'll...

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NomadClip USB & Lightning Cable Carabiner

$29.95 from Amazon »

According to Nomad carabiners have "a thousand uses" and their NomadClip has "a thousand and one." Namely: faithfully serving your smartphone with its hidden Micro USB or Lightning cable....

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goTenna Off-Grid Signal Generator

$149 from Amazon »

To keep it short, I guess you could say goTennas turn smartphones into really powerful walkie-talkies. Except more like walkie-texties. The self-contained signal generators require no cell towers, WiFi connectivity, or...

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Light - The Phone Only Phone

$100 from The light phone »

Light Phone is credit card-sized cell phone that pairs with your existing phone. It is designed to be used as little as possible, and comes with no bells or whistles. Both figuratively and literally. Without even a display...

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Tricked Toys Metal Phone Cases

$40 - $80 from Tricked Toys »

Tricked Toys CNC machines all of their smartphone cases from 6061 aluminum, solid copper, or solid brass. If you like their street artsy look, then grab your screwdriver: the metal cases actually bolt together around...

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nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case

$89 - $109 from nexpaq »

Since we're still waiting for a modular cell phone to emerge from the Sea of Google, nexpaq proposes that in the interim we...wait...but hopefully for less time...for their forthcoming modular cell phone case. Customizable...

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CU.breaker Rubik's Cube Charger

With student Chang soo Lee's Cu.breaker concept you don't have to solve the puzzle, it does. This Rubik's Cube-esque device is a cell phone charger that 1) reflects rate and capacity of its device's charge and 2) shuts...

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Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case

$50 from Bandai »

Like the Crazy Case Batmobile, Bandai's Back to the Future II DeLorean case for the iPhone 6 is forthcoming. And while it would be a grand and poetic gesture for the Japanese toy company to set their lit-up, pimped-out...

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Batmobile iPhone 6 Case

By: My ACG »

A few bucks shy of being able to afford the jet turbine powered Batmobile? How about buckling your phone up in one instead? Specifically, this most excellent and radical and schwing!-worthy replica Batmobile case for...

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Bluewire Bluetooth Call Recorder

$149 - $179 from indiegogo »

He Said She Said is about to get real. Oh sure, Bluewire claims its Bluetooth headset, a device capable of recording up to 1,000 hours of both sides of smartphone or VOIP conversations, is an invaluable substitute for...

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popSLATE E-ink Case for iPhone

$129 from popSLATE »

Get a popSLATE case and turn the back of your iPhone 5 or 6 into a second screen. Why? Because it's cool looking. It's one more way to show off selfies and photos of your kids. And, surprisingly, it can serve a few purposes...

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Onyx Wearable Team Communication Device

$99 from OnBeep »

So...if I had used OnBeep's Onyx video as the source for my initial introduction to the walkie talkie-esque, but app-based group communication devices, I probably would have just thrown up on my keyboard and shown you...

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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Phone Case

$26.04 - $35.40 from Red Bubble »

I don't know. My phone acts possessed enough without a Ghostbusters ghost trap encasement. The last thing I need on top of frozen screens, 30-minute battery lives, and misfired text messages sent via my right butt cheek...

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Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece

$17.99 from »

It doesn't have a black leather or bamboo casing like Motorola's Moto Hint wireless earbuds, but this Invisible Bluetooth earpiece still maintains comfort, voice clarity, and complete discretion. Its lightweight, ergonomic...

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Ramen Phone & Tablet Stand

$92.99 from Otakumode »

Normally my concern is making it through a bowl of ramen without dropping my phone into it. Slurp, slurp, swipe, slurp, slurp, swipe, slurp, slurp, PLOP! ... Sonofa soba noodle! However, if I were to own OtakuMode's ramen...

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Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

$24.99 from ThinkGeek »

ThinkGeek should just pretend it's April Fool's Day any time they have an idea for a product and want to test out its potential for success on a focus group of, like, half a million people. The Flux Capacitor USB Car...

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oPhone - Scent-Based Mobile Messaging

$149 - $199 from oPhone »

oPhone and its app oSnap believe them when they say some of the strongest memories we have are those we associate with scents. That around 90% of tasting is smelling. That odors elicit emotions in a way that sights and...

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Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone Case

$38.30 from Strapya World »

It's always interesting when and which Japanese manga and anime cross over into mainstream Western culture. Here it's even more interesting that a piece of Japanese manga/anime has crossed over into real life. And even...

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Fuffr Phone Case - Make Any Surface a Trackpad

By: Fuffr »

Control your phone using the dining room table. The kitchen counter. Your girlfriend's stomach (sometimes dropping $1,200 on private Pilates lessons does pay off, 'ey?) Fuffr, a forthcoming case for iPhones, busts through...

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iStick USB-Lightning Flash Drive

$79 - $299 from Kickstarter »

Apple loves their proprietary ports more than a back alley hooker loves crack. And while iStick can't put an end to this affinity, it can make it easier for those of us with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to deal with....

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Mobile Device Seat-back Mount

Sold Out from Amazon »

The only redeeming qualities of being on an airplane are that I can guiltlessly spend 3 to 9 hours doing nothing but eating, getting drunk, and watching full seasons of Battlestar Galactica. However, this is also problematic...

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SpareOne Emergency Phone

$16.49 from Amazon »

Not so much emergency as in your smartphone's battery died in the middle of placing a midnight Dominoes order and you can't find your charger. More like emergency as in you've been snow camping on a mountain for 3 days...

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5-Port Multi-Device Charger

Sold Out from Amazon »

One thing I like to do is buy stuff. A lot of this stuff requires a charger. And none of it--none of it!--ever seems to require the same charger. Anker's compact and tidy 5-port USB charger claims to have enough ports...

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35-Mile, 22-Channel Two-Way Radios

$64.91 from Amazon »

Even in a market flooded with the advanced technology of smartphones and swell devices like Iridium's Go Global Hotspot, walkie-talkies persevere. Because, at least for the reigning generation, they maintain one thing...

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Liquid-Armor - Nano Tech Screen Protector

Sold Out from Amazon »

If Dynaflo's Liquid-Armor works, here's some happy news for people whose screens ever have unhappy run-ins with keys, rain, and dust particulates. Packaged in a 10 mL bottle (about 50 sprays), Liquid-Armor applies to...

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Bacon Scent-Emitting Alarm

"The essence of Oscar Mayer bacon will strum at your nostril strings like no other." While the Oscar Mayer brand has never been my first choice at the pork candy store, it will definitely be my first choice at the scent-emitting...

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Fixed - App to Fight Parking Tickets

By: Fixed »

Those of you who follow the detailed accounts I provide of my illustrious life now know that I have racked up many hundreds of dollars in unpaid parking tickets. So many hundreds that you could technically upgrade the...

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Darth Vader Lightsaber Portable Charger

$49.90 from Brando »

The Jedis may have the Force, but the Dark Side has power. Tons of it. Enough to take your iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile phone from dead to fully juiced and ready for battle. One round with the Darth Vader lightsaber...