Nesl Desk Organizer

By: on May 19, 2012

The concept of getting organized doesn't typically bring to mind the words "funky" and "Fraggle Rock". But one look at the Nesl, and all three come together like the last breathing Beach Boys scrounging to replenish their lost millions with a reunion tour. The Nesl is an open-ended desk organizer that sits pretty much wherever, and holds pretty much whatever you need it to. Pens, cords, business cards, finger puppets, all have a home on one of its 9 rubber nubs. Nesls can function individually, both residing on flat surfaces, and suction cupped sideways or upside down to larger objects, or they can link together via a built-in tab system on each unit's bottom in a snaky chain of tidiness and desktop symmetry.

The Nesl is a Kickstarter project for creator and fabricator Birdhouse Studios. The project runs through May 23, 2012. Now, we don't stand for much around here, but we do stand for supporting entrepreneurs and people who have poured themselves into products they believe in, and for circumventing "The Man". As of May 19, the Birdhouse guys are a little under $8,000 shy of the $30,000 funding goal that will allow the sweet stalagmites of organization to progress onward towards production and sale.

Interested investors can help them with the final push at 10 different levels of support. The basic, Nesl-returning level runs $20, and rewards the contributor with 2 Nesls--in Kickstarter special edition black and green colors--delivered to his or her door in September 2012. Just in time for the impending dread of holiday shopping. Higher echelons of support mean more Nesls--up to 200 for $1,500.

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CigarzUp Beer Bottle Cigar Holder

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The Avengers Desk

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Height Adjustable Pot & Pan Organizer Rack

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