LimbIC Intelligent Chair

By: on August 28, 2012
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The Swiss LimbIC chair, which looks more like part of an amusement part ride than a cubicle fixture, proposes to take ergonomic furniture to new levels of comfort, freedom, and neurological stimulation. Kind of like the desk companion version of Yoda or Kuato. LimbIC's design, according to creator Patrik Kunzler, tickles its users' limbic systems--the emotional seat of our brains--to form a conduit between energy, focus, and creativity, and our thoughts. So basically what you need to tell your employer to get him to drop $8,500 to buy you one is, "Dude, it will make me way more productive."

LimbIC construction begins with two movable seat shells formed according to the latest established principles of leg-and-ass ergonomics. Splitting the common seat pad into two mutually exclusive cradles allows for more and enhanced anatomical freedom in the chair; the shells respond and adjust to every physical motion...and allegedly every state of mind. I'm not really sure how right and left hamstrings and butt cheeks moving independently of one another improves energy, efficiency, and peace of mind, but I'll grant at least one of LimbIC's claims seems true: the design gives the appearance of users floating, rather than simply sitting, in the chair.

From a physiological standpoint, the LimbIC system claims superiority in its ability to support a sitter's pelvis and thighs in a flexible manner, thus allowing the person to sit upright with not effort--hence, the floating sensation. Sitting for long periods of time should no longer be uncomfortable, nor restrictive in terms of range of movement. Further, the parts of the body with which LimbIC makes contact purportedly elicit positive feelings from the brain, making one feel "free and light as a child." Further discussion of the chair's science, and answers to frequently asked questions can be obtained here.

LimbIC chairs are handmade to order per the buyer's measurements from carbon fiber shells--the same used in Formula 1 production. They are currently sold in retail shops in Switzerland, as well as by request online.

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Stargaze Swinging & Reclining Camp Chair

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Emperor 1510 Workstation

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mPosition Mobile Workstation

Would making spreadsheets, dialing in to meetings, and replying to 979 emails per day be less excruciating if you could do it from a desk chair that could double as the pilot's seat on Musk's first spaceship to Mars?...

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Chill Sack 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair

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Swim Desk

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Bomber Jacket Leather Swivel Cocoon Chair

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X-Bows Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard

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Skull Armchair

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Another supervillain yahtzee! This black skull armchair was the one prop missing from my master plan to raise an army of babies and eliminate all cats and bike lanes from my township! The only downside is that it does...

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Elysium Weightless Chair

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