Handcrafted Bullet Pens

Posted: January 29, 2014
Handcrafted Bullet Pens
$22.50 - $30
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Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log handcrafts all of his works from fine and unique woods. In the case of our featured pen series, he incorporates some fine and unique objects as well: bullets. What normally fire out of barrels now serve as the barrels themselves in Hornung's collection of bullet pens. He currently has 3 different styles to choose from:

The 30-06 Bullet Pen with Camouflage Barrel. Atop a 30-06 cartridge sits a green/brown/black camo body turned on a wood lathe and polished to a super high gloss. A rifle pen clip adds the finishing touch.

The 30-06 Bullet Pen with Bloodwood Barrel. Similar to the model above, but shaped and finished with fiery bloodwood.

The .50 Caliber Assault Pen. As depicted in the photo above, a real .50 cal brass cartridge forms most of the body of this twist pen. Its wooden bullet accent comes courtesy of an authentic Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel. The ink scrawler won't roll away from you when not in use either--if it starts to travel, just stand it on end.

Speaking of JD, if you're more into liquor than guns, Hornung also crafts pens made entirely from Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam barrels. They come with certificates of authenticity, plus the scrap blocks from the pen blanks that still smell of the barrels' former contents. Thanks to Manny for passing along the Walnut Log Dude Product Tip.

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