Altwork Sit-Down-Stand-Up-Lie-Down Workstation

By: on November 01, 2015
$3,900 - $4,900
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Did you ever think you'd long to sit in a dentist's chair? Me either. And really the Altwork only loosely resembles the bearer of root canals in its reclined position, which is just one of several the new workstation can glide and bend to achieve. Touted as the apex of comfort, ergonomics, and productivity, Altwork hopes its workstation will become the place you can't wait to snuggle into for hours and hours of programming, animating, and Halo 5 gaming.

Altwork was created for high-intensity computer users, defined as people who spend 4+ hours per day in front of a screen performing complex tasks such as software development and graphic design. The workstation adjusts to facilitate Standing, Sitting, or Focus (reclining) positions while working, with both the chair portion and the computer screen/keyboard attributes moving in physical conformance to their user's needs.

While some put the health effects of sitting for long periods of time on the same plane as smoking, swapping 8 hours of sitting for 8 hours of standing isn't necessarily a solution. Too much time on your feet has its downsides too. Altwork subscribes to the idea of regular movement, changing positions throughout the day, and has invested in a way to do it without a lot of hassle, and without compromising comfort.

Altwork is designed to fit most body types, and people ranging from 4'9" to 6'8" tall, though it is ideal for people 5'2" to 6'6", and up to 250 pounds. It consists of a segmented seating area whose lower slats fold down and under when you're sitting upright or standing, and then unfurl for Focus positions. At the right side of the chair is an extendable arm holding a mini desk (29" x 16") and standard VESA computer screen mount. The mini desk has a 13" vertical x 6" fore/aft adjust range, and the monitor a 9" vertical x 10" fore/aft range. For standing the desk height is adjustable from 36" to 60" from the floor, and the chair back/support can pull up to 18" higher than its sitting position.

The entire Altwork apparatus measures 36" wide x 55" long in the upright seated, leg rest extended position. When a user is fully reclined, the length can measure up to 72".

At printing Altwork Standard and Signature models were available for pre-order at discounted rates, with delivery anticipated for mid-2016. Signature buyers can customize their workstations with one of 10 custom upholstery colors, 3 frame colors, and 4 accent colors.

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