Nite Ize BigFoot Locker KeyRack

Posted: July 21, 2020
Nite Ize BigFoot Locker KeyRack
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I wouldn't normally consider Bigfoot the most tidy and organized beast on the block, but hey, I guess I don't know the guy that well. So if Nite Ize wants to use his good name in promoting their BigFoot Locker KeyRack, which will indeed bring tidiness and organization to your own block, I guess I'll allow it.

The stainless steel BigFoot Locker KeyRack takes one big step - and 5 big toes - towards sorting your keys for easy access and quick removal with an integrated locking carabiner clip and 5 locking S-Biners. The MicroLock S-Biners are double-gated, so one side clips to the keychain, and the other to your keys. The gates lock in place with a twist of the center lever.

Each S-Biner can hold up to 3 keys, so in total the BigFoot Locker's toes can dangle up to 15.

Like the BigFoot Locker KeyRack? Why not get a Bigfoot hoodie to match?

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