Wearable Drum Set

By: on April 14, 2013

Now man can beat his chest and sound even badder than a silverback gorilla*. Drop the Beat, Wesley Chau's wearable drum set concept, was inspired by Laurie Anderson's 1986 concert film Home of the Brave. Yeah, I don't know what that is either, but I heard one of the guys from Fleetwood Mac always comes out beating on his drum kit vest during their live performances as a means of generating instant crowd pleasure, so there's a point of reference for you too.

Chau fashioned the drummable breast plate out of neoprene, velcro, piezo sensors, arduino, hookup wire, acetate, and fabric. The sensors sit inside each drum pad, which attach to the vest with velcro. Chau recorded the demo video with Drop the Beat, GarageBand, and what looks to be one normal person and one mime with Tourette's.

*A member of my immediate family is bald and apparently looks threatening to a silverback gorilla--perhaps the gorilla sees some of himself in this person--and one time he was at the zoo observing the gorillas behind a wall of glass, and after giving him the stink eye for a minute or two, the gorilla turned, beat its chest, and stormed the glass directly in front of him. Like, rammed it. Like, possibly put to the test the glass' maximum impact load for remaining shatterproof. While I didn't witness this event myself, my guess is that having a 1,200 pound humanlike primate charge a thin piece of human-made material whose strength you have no knowledge of would incite a sudden loss of bowel control and instill a lifelong fear of gorillas. Also, I think animals are great judges of character.

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Waterphone - Horror Sound Effects Instrument

$299 from Amazon »

The waterphone. Those who hate scary movies might call it torture for the ears. Those who love them? Will call it their new favorite instrument....

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Populele Smart Ukulele

$179 - $229 from Popuband »

You can uke it put your app into it. The Populele calls itself the world's first smart ukulele, and while I'm not sure anyone is going to rush to become the world's second smart ukulele, if you're the strummin' type this...

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Shark Guitar Capo

$29.99 from Amazon »

The Shark Guitar Capo takes shredding to new levels. Maybe not Jaws Ukulele levels, but the fretboard clamp will add some personality to the instrument that, perhaps, the guitar player's rendition of "Maneater" cannot....

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$99 - $199 from DrumPants »

We all tap our feet, our thighs, our chests, and the asses of the opposite sex if they are amenable to it anyway, so why not create an instrument that returns a more audible, rich, and percussive sound than that of flesh...

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Finger Cymbals

$5.99 from Amazon »

Finger cymbals are going to be the next big thing for football season, plus sports fans and concert goers in general. They're like a less obnoxious cowbell - the refined man's cowbell. And like a cowbell, finger cymbals...

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Seaboard Squishy Silicone Keyboard

$3,500 from Roli »

I thought maybe because there aren't really any distinct keys on the Seaboard I wouldn't really need any distinct talent to play it, but in watching the video of...is that Kenny G?...jamming out on his, I'm reconsidering...

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Cigar Box Guitar

$400 from Custom Made »

Bust out some some bluesy jams, and tell Siri to call you "BB King" with these cigar box guitars, in tobacco brands Padron 9 and El Baton. The smoke boxes are detailed and expanded, with fretted butternut necks and rosewood...

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Japanese Finger Piano


Android meets virtual reality meets music meets...cat. Does the Finger Piano really need the Japanese qualifier for anyone to guess where it's from? One note per finger, plus three notes on the wrist, equals a full octave...

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Roland TR-909 Swimsuit


Using the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer as their inspiration, The Puss Puss puts puts (gotta love the low-hanging fruit) its own spin on musically-themed swimwear with the PP-909 ladies' swimsuit. Knob, key, and button...

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The Rumba Drum Table

$2,900 from Etsy »

Pa-Rumba-Drum-Drum. Drummer boys (and girls) of all sizes can impress the king, the hot yoga instructor, and their mom with this elegantly designed and executed coffee table that moonlights as a four-piece drum set stacked...

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Riffstation Guitar Jamming Software

$52 from Riffstation »

Riffstation is sort of like Guitar Hero software. But for real guitar players, not just button-pressing hacks like myself, and for real guitar players who actually want to improve their technique or jam with their favorite...

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WeeWow - Roboticize Your Voice


Before when I wanted my voice to sound like a roboticized rapper's I just had Kanye West serve as my ventriloquist. But over the past couple years he's sort of turned into an egomaniacal fame whore and no longer seems...