Vinci Smart Headphones with AI

By: on October 07, 2017
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I like that Vinci's headphones are smart enough that I can ditch my phone and still stream music. And I like that they're voice activated for hands-free song selection. And in theory I like the Vinci's artificial intelligence platform, a cloud-based system that gets smarter as you use it. That "senses and learns from your body vitals, activities, [and] listening habits to make intelligent, real-time recommendations." But.

Do I really want AI that close to my brain? That close to such great power? What if the headphones get so smart that they figure out how to tap into my intellect and, like, suck it all out? Or take over. Or...what? What do you mean you think they already have?

In addition to voice control and AI learning tech, the Vinci headphones also come packed with:

  • 16GB of music storage, plus WiFi or 3G network compatibility, so you can load up to 4,000 songs directly onto the headphones, or stream music directly from Spotify, SoundClound, or Amazon Music. Vinci also supports Amazon Alexa, for further voice control (leading to mind control?) services from anywhere.
  • Smart controls, including Autoplay when you put the headphones on your ears and Pause when you remove them. Tapping and swiping motions can adjust tracks and volume when you don't feel like having a convo with your Vincis.
  • 3D sound for both recording and playback. The headphones have dual microphones close to your ears for binaural recording and to re-create a 3D sound sensation.
  • L o n g battery life of 3 weeks standby, 26 hours of music playback via Bluetooth, or 7 hours continuous when using them as a standalone player.

Vinci Smart Heaphones were a successful crowdfunding project that went, and are still going, through the typical crowdfunding ups and downs. Mixed reviews, backers angry they still haven't received their set, and confusion about functionality. I haven't tried them myself, so I can't give you a full report. But if the Vincis sound cool to you, I'd recommend doing some research into what you'll actually get (and when) versus what they advertise before purchasing.

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