V8 T.A.N.K Guitar Amp

By: on August 15, 2012
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Gas cans and guitar amps. Only the Finns could think to broker a merger of the two. Handcrafted in Finland, the V8 T.A.N.K 20W mobile guitar amplifier allows for more than 8 hours of continuous rocking out, and then recharges with an AC adapter, car battery, or, for the eco-friendly six-stringers, a solar panel. A portable accompaniment on picnics, road trips, and camping excursions, the amp's 12V output can also deliver power to electrical appliances, including cell phone chargers, LED lights, and The World's Most Powerful Flashlight. Seriously, dudes. The Finnish peoples are a resourceful lot. When the End of Days battles hit, I call them for my team. Actually, I'll take all of Scandinavia. The Norwegians have oil and the Swedes, well, let's just say that if I have to die, it may as well be in the arms of a 6-foot, pale-skinned blonde angel who can probably skin a reindeer with her bare hands.

Backed by rugged, revved-up aesthetics, what once fueled our cars now fuels our killer cords with the following specs:

  • Clean and Overdrive/Mic channel
  • Output rating: 10W/20W @ 8/4ohm
  • Speaker: 10" - 8 ohm, Celestion Tube 10
  • Controls: Guitar Volume, Mic volume, Hi, Low (Alpha)
  • Power supply: 12V/7Ah accu, AC adaptor (included for recharging)
  • Dimensions: 15" x 7.1" x 18.9" (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 17.6 pounds

In addition to Firehouse Red, V8 T.A.N.K gas can amps also come in Smokey Black ($429), as well as a British Green amplification tag team ($485). Shhh, listen. Can you hear that? I think it's Eddie Van Halen, Slash, and the guys from AC/DC screaming, "Fuck yeah!"

Or maybe it's just a handful of drunk college buddies gettin' their jam session on in woods.

Muchas danke to Werd.

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