SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

Posted: August 19, 2014
SwageU Bluetooth Headphones
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Rokit Boost adds the SwageU Bluetooth Headphones to their line of Swage ear gear (those who prefer the round to the oblong look can also check out the Swage Sports.) Lightweight with magnetic earbuds that release from/connect back to the base for easy wearing, the SwageUs connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to any compatible music device and function up to 30 feet away from their source. A built-in microphone also lends itself to pairing with smartphones for hands-free communication, and for those who want to double up on their connectivity, the headphones will tether simultaneously to a second Bluetooth-compatible device once they are already connected to a smartphone.

SwageU Bluetooth Headphones provide around 8 hours of continuous playback time, and can withstand up to 100 hours of standby time per charge. Instant access playback and control buttons run alongside each earpiece. Available colors are black and white.

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