Surround Sound Bluetooth Pillowcase

Posted: April 22, 2015
Surround Sound Bluetooth Pillowcase

The mysterious Alex of Boston, MA says he's an inventor who is shy to share his inventions. But someone found at least one of them, the SIO Musical Pillow Sheet, because today Alex has been inundated with over 700 inquiries about the Bluetooth-connected, motion-sensing, surround-sound case.

And that's basically what SIO is--a pillowcase fitted with an ultra-thin speaker insert that distributes sound according to the user's head position. Paired to a device via Bluetooth, SIO emits music, movies, and books on tape in a true "surround sound" experience. And will most likely instigate some wacked out dreams if you don't turn it off before falling asleep.

SIO is powered by four CR2330 button cell batteries. It uses patent pending audio, Bluetooth, and motion sensing technology, visually mapped out as shown in the maze-like photo above. The SIO speaker mat is removable so its pillowcase can be washed as normal.

April 29, 2015 Update: Since publishing this post, the SIO creator's website, formerly di-logistics.com, has mysteriously disappeared. I have no explanation except butterflies. Nobody ever suspects the butterfly.

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