Steampunk Ukulele Bass

Posted: September 28, 2012
Steampunk Ukulele Bass

Like most people, when I think of ukuleles, I also think of a dark, industrial, post-apocalyptic society characterized by gears, studs, and other metal accoutrements. So it's about damn time someone crafted a Steampunk Ukulele Bass. Musical instrument wonder boy Paul Celentano makes his standout reinventions of the guitar to order, and can steampunk-up just about any stringed design. In the genre's retro-futuristic, signature style this bass sports a spruce top, mahogany sides and back, maple neck, and lace wood head stock. Accentuating baubles include brass gears formerly of a clock, brass nails, and a randomized selection of other golden-hued doodads.

The Steampunk Bass has standard tuning capabilities--E, A, D, G--and measures 30" long, with a body of 10" x 10". Celentano will apply the steampunk spirit to other types of guitars upon request.

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