Splash - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Posted: January 11, 2014
Splash - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
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Here's a friendly price point for singing like a nightingale or screaming like a banshee in the shower. FreshETech's Splash Shower Tunes is a completely waterproof, wireless speaker that automatically pairs with any Bluetooth-fitted music device. Its control keypad enables starting/stopping the tunes, as well as volume control and song skipping.

The speaker's built-in Bluetooth microphone also lets bathers answer their connected smartphones remotely so whomever is calling can feel either turned on, weirded out, or repulsed that their crush/hot trainer/fat uncle/wrong number is chatting with them naked and soapy.

Splash Shower Tunes batteries last up to 15 hours. Speakers come in 5 different colors, one of which FreshETech promises will "define your inner self." A suction cup attachment affixes the palm-sized donuts to shower and bathroom walls, or any water-exposed surface in need of rocking out.

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