By: on February 28, 2013
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I'm not sure who decided mixtapes were in need of a resurgence, but to whomever it was, congratulations. The Aussies were listening. And they've added upgrades in the form of NFC chips, QR codes, and the removal of old-school cassettes' third dimension. Meet Sharetapes, slim cards for storing and sharing music and video mixes uploaded from sites like Spotify, YouTube, and 8tracks. Record your favorite mix and, just like John Cusack or Molly Ringwald would have done in the olden days, present it to your most favorite crush or honey for decidedly non-olden-days scanning and playback with a smartphone or tablet.

Once you've created a playlist suitably moving and accurately depicting you as the progressive musical taste master that you are, head to sharetapes.com and hit the site's record button to transfer selections to a Sharetape. Post-delivery, once recipients are finished blushing and mumbling an awkward thanks, they can listen to your carefully selected media by either tapping the card with NFC (recent Android, Windows or Blackberry devices), scanning its QR code (using the reader app available to all smartphones and tablets), or, barring possession of any of this communication equipment (i.e., people who still use land lines and flip phones, i.e., the only people who will likely really dig a Sharetape) logging onto the Sharetapes Website and hitting the play button.

Sharetape orders ship in packs of 5.

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Elbow Cassette Tape Player

By: Elbow »

Elbow recently completed a market test survey on their low-tech, ultra-portable concept that will revolutionize the way you play...uh...mix tapes. A clip-on arm with a pulley system, the Elbow cassette tape player spools...

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Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

$25 - $30 from Amazon »

We've all done it. We've all badgered someone else for doing it. And really, song lyrics misheard, mistaken, and butchered are almost always more fun than what the artists are actually singing anyway....

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TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

$120 from Amazon »

Running with earbuds sucks mostly because it means I'm running, and running is hard and unpleasant. But it also sucks because as I sweat my earbuds either start slipping out of my ears, or they stay in place and trap...

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Earphones

$249 from Amazon »

Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay H5 wireless earphones are brand new, so who knows how good they are, but...does B&O really make many bad products? I mean, to each his own when it comes to earbud comfort, design, and style preferences...

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DropMix Music Mashup Game

DropMix creators Harmonix hope their card game that lets players mix popular songs in real time, and in competition with one another, will become the next Rock Band or Dance Central. And I guess they have a pretty good...

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Mini Smartphone Karaoke Machine

$39.99 from Amazon »

Mini speaker. Mini microphone. Mini karaoke machine to Bluetooth-connect to my smartphone. This is going to make it way easier to entertain the other passengers on the bus to work. And prove my claim that I can recall...

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Pocket Operator Synthesizers

$59 - $62 from Amazon »

Is that an EDM show in your pocket or did I just lick a stamp I shouldn't have? Budding DJs, club kids, and general jams lovers alike, you can create big sounds using no more than your thumbs and one of Teenage Engineering's...

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Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

$46.98 from Amazon »

After our lengthy road trip to a land of many beers an no radio signals my friend Cornelius told me I either have to find tapes of something other than Appetite for Destruction and Hall & Oates: Greatest Hits or get one...

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Duo Deck Vinyl/Cassette Player & MP3 Converter

$72.41 from Amazon »

The Duo Deck is your portable purveyor of the sounds of classic vinyl and the mix tapes filled with love songs you wrote for Samantha Nester in the 9th grade, which she threw back at you through your open Toyota Tercel...

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SingStand Home Karaoke System

$58.71 from Amazon »

I'm not much of a singer but I do enjoy going to the karaoke bar and singing Clarence Carter's smash hit "Strokin'" for all the ladies every now and again. Seems like I'm always one upped by a stocky guy in a flannel...

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Songs for the Road: A Musical Map

$32 from Dorothy »

Streets, roads, lanes, avenues, boulevards, routes, and highways appear to have adequate coverage in the music industry. Enough to pack this inventive map of infrastructure-themed songs anyway. The 4-color litho print...

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Cassette Tape Lamp

$154 from Street Market »

Landfills be damned! Today, we as a society advocate green living, composting, reusable grocery bags, and installing bike lanes on city streets (yet still bitching about gas prices). So what better to do with our 1,289...