Riffstation Guitar Jamming Software

Posted: March 20, 2013

Riffstation is sort of like Guitar Hero software. But for real guitar players, not just button-pressing hacks like myself, and for real guitar players who actually want to improve their technique or jam with their favorite bands, not just settle for being Solo and Co-Op Career tiers' little bitch. Riffstation requires no proving yourself to unlock songs, no Boss Battles, no musical selection restrictions at all, in fact. Instead, it collaborates with a player's own MP3s to make possible an array of play-a-long possibilities. Automatic chord recognition capabilities assist with learning new songs, while builder settings allow for customizing them, and guitar extraction, isolation, and muting controls enable strumming or shredding to the music--the real music, not some bubblegum cover--at your own pace.

Available as downloadable software for Windows and Mac operating systems, Riffstation's jam package includes the following guitar goddifying interfaces:


  • Automatically recognizes guitar chords from your personal MP3 collection.
  • Shows chords in realtime, as the MP3 plays.
  • Helps players learn chords in any key with shifting .
  • Detects Major, Minor & 7.
  • Advanced mode allows editing.


  • Players can extract or isolate the guitar in their MP3s.
  • Or mute the guitar altogether to play along. (OMG Kenny Rogers, you're about to be crooning "The Gambler" to my six-string backing.)
  • Slow down music in realtime.
  • Tweak music from half speed to double speed.
  • Change the key ( - / + octave).
  • Retune the audio instead of your guitar.


  • Build custom jam tracks.
  • Build new riffs and songs.
  • Exercise full control of each beat.
  • Save your jams and riffs for use as lady bait.
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