Rebel Water-Resistant Speaker & Speakerphone

Posted: October 31, 2013

Rebel knows you could stuff your smartphone in a waterproof pouch and enjoy its muffled sounds in the shower or by the pool. Or risk hooking it up to a speaker in the kitchen and sloshing suds and bloody chicken juice on it. I know people who have taken some tunes/the obligatory monthly call to their mother in for a...session...with the toilet and dropped their phones right into the porcelain god's piehole. Twice. Rebel is a tiny, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with a suction cup backing that gives all who can't live without their jamming and chatting capabilities--even in precarious environments--an option to keep calm and smartphone on.

Rebel connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and computers up to 33' away, and then sllluuurpsss to shower doors, walls, tables, anywhere with a suction-friendly surface, where it caters both to sound output and input. Users can roll playlists, skip tracks, adjust Rebel's volume, and answer calls without ever touching a phone with their bubble-bathed or hyper-chlorinated-hot-tub-covered fingers. And despite its 2-1/4" doorknob size, creator Robert Morrison promises Rebel's projection abilities are clear and powerful.

Rebel's rechargeable battery life is around 6 hours, and the speaker will come in 8 different colors. Indiegogo crowdfunding has been very successful, with the project open for backing through November 15, 2013. Morrison is also guaranteeing on-time Rebel delivery to backers (November 22nd ship date.)

August 2014 Update: The Rebel speaker exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the Morrison Innovations Website--follow the link below.

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