Quarter Guitar Pick

By: on January 03, 2013
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George Washington has been picked to rock out. And I'm not even recapping a scene from the next installment of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Which Keanu is one zero away from agreeing to, given that he hasn't had a blockbuster in over 10 years, nor aged a day in over 20. He must drink voodoo juice or blk. water. Or maybe he's actually dead, and the current Reeves is just a Keanubot a la the Buffybot that no one notices isn't the real him because the real him was never that much different in terms of intelligence, personality, and acting chops. Not to dog him, though. I did like the original Matrix. And that tearjerker he did with Sandra Bullock.

Yeah, so here for the pleasure of the Keanubot, and the rest of the world, is the George Pick, a real US quarter filed down to a pear shape for strumming ditties on guitars and other stringed instruments. Artists Dustin and Stephanie transform the still reasonably valuable currency (I would pick up a quarter if I saw one on the street or in the hands of a small child I felt sure I could elude before it bit me) into musically-minded shredding tools from their studio in Nashville, TN. George Picks have carefully smoothed beveled edges that do not promote string wear and, according to the duo, impart a sick tone and attack to any guitar.

Buyers can choose to have their picks made from any year of quarter, 1965 to 1998. Sizing is slightly smaller than that of standard guitar picks at 22mm x 24mm x 1mm.

For people who hate George Washington, quarters, or the number 25, Dustin and Stephanie also make guitar picks from a few other coins, such as the Indian Head Buffalo Nickel.

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Rebel Bass Guitar

$945 - $1,325 from Doni Guitars »

No longer must you search the galaxy to find this Rebel Bass, but you will have to wait at least 3 months to get it. Last Fall, after photos of his custom Star Wars guitars had gone viral online, Englishman Doni opened...

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Populele Smart Ukulele

$179 - $229 from Popuband »

You can uke it put your app into it. The Populele calls itself the world's first smart ukulele, and while I'm not sure anyone is going to rush to become the world's second smart ukulele, if you're the strummin' type this...

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Shark Guitar Capo

$29.99 from Amazon »

The Shark Guitar Capo takes shredding to new levels. Maybe not Jaws Ukulele levels, but the fretboard clamp will add some personality to the instrument that, perhaps, the guitar player's rendition of "Maneater" cannot....

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Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders

$34.99 - $39.99 from Pluginz Keychains »

Rock out with your...keys and fobs secured safely in a Jack Rack so you don't lose or impale yourself with them. A bangin' nod to the guitar amp, Jack Racks are mountable keychain holders with real 1/4" musical input...

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Guitdoorbell - Guitar Doorbell

$149.99 from Guitdoorbell »

The Guitdoorbell replaces irritating bing-bong! door chimes and refrains of "It's a small world" with the rich, resonant strum of a real acoustic guitar. Mounted face-down over a doorway in tandem with an underlying plectrum...

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch

$19.95 from Amazon »

You gotta cut up those old credit cards anyway right? Or what? Your identity will surely be stolen and you'll lose your girlfriend and probably be shunned. Instead, make cool guitar picks and avoid shunning with this...

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Pykmax Ergonomic Guitar Pick

$12 - $14 from Amazon »

They call it a high performance guitar pick, which in my mind means that the Pykmax should do the guitar strumming for me. Like a player piano, but completely inconspicuously so that the ladies I'm trying to impress think...

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Cigar Box Guitar

$400 from Custom Made »

Bust out some some bluesy jams, and tell Siri to call you "BB King" with these cigar box guitars, in tobacco brands Padron 9 and El Baton. The smoke boxes are detailed and expanded, with fretted butternut necks and rosewood...

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Blackbird Rider Carbon Fiber Guitar

$2,095 from Blackbird »

Blackbird's Rider is a showy guitar, but unlike these crazy designs, it's still more about sound than show. Six nylon strings stretch across a carbon fiber body to create a dark, dramatic instrument true to its maker's...

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Marshall Amp Refrigerator

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Marshall amp replica refrigerator, signed by Jim Marshall, emblazoned with authentic Marshall logos, and fitted with a real Marshall facing has a paradoxically acoustic effect: it makes your brews and carbonated shots...

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Portable Guitar Practice Tool

$29.95 from PocketStrings »

We need way more products like PocketStrings. Products that allow people to do things that would normally disturb me without disturbing me. The Baby Muzzle was a good start. Now this portable, silent guitar practice tool....

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Nintendo Guitar Boy

Dunuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh. The only way the sweet sounds of Mario head butting bricks and eluding sly goombas could resonate any more beautifully in my heart is if they were played live. On my very own Game Boy electric guitar....