Munny Doll Speakers

Posted: April 13, 2012
Munny Doll Speakers

Surprisingly, Munny Dolls are a successful American, not Japanese, brainchild. Perhaps even a successful American idiot's brainchild--as in from the head of a guy who was fixin' to make him some munny offa cheap vinyl doll that's pretty much useless, but lookies like it could be a fad in one-a them Oriental countries. A Munny Doll speaker, however, is slightly less of a waste of 6" of space. In addition to retaining the bizarrely alluring Munny aesthetic, this version also plays music through its face. And comes in a twinset for double the fun.

Now we know what you're thinking: mo' Munny, mo' problems. But no! Creator Rob from Cleveland asserts that he made the first set of Munny Doll Speakers for himself over a year ago, and they are still pumping the air with BPMs like Lil' Wayne pumps the ladies with his seed of life. The speakers are 3" in diameter, and can be used with any device containing an audio output. Munny arms move and heads swivel, allowing for bumpin' dance party Saturday nights, and an infinite number of disturbing doll poses. The speakers do require an amp to operate, which the seller is willing to provide for an additional $30.

Note to the handy and cheap: The Website Instructibles has a step-by-step on how to make your own.

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