Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier

By: on August 23, 2013
  • Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier
  • Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier

Everything tastes better when ingested directly from a mason jar. Fruit preserves. Pickled green beans. Molten chocolate cakes. Ole Smoky Moonshine. Apparently even music--ingestible aurally rather than orally--is a prime candidate for mason jar as conduit. The Speaker-in-a-Jar, Adam Wegener and Ron Sloat's down home foray into sound projection and amplification, is a self-contained audio booster that easily transports and plugs into personal music devices and electronic instruments.

Glass jar innards include aluminum, wire, metal, a circuit board, paper, baltic birch plywood, and polypropylene. The speaker/amp combos run on batteries that don't start outputting warped, wacked-out, devil-worshipper-sounding music until around hour 20 of use. Come on, Grandma, you jar the jam, and I'll jar the JAAAAMS!

Muchas danke to Hi Consumption.