Jaws Ukulele

Posted: August 04, 2013
Jaws Ukulele

Sharks and ukuleles seem to be an unlikely pairing, until you take into account that sharks will shred any physical object into a horrifying mess of strands and pulp, and ukuleles will likewise shred any Billboard hit into a horrifying piece of soft rock reminiscent of the islands. Of course, ukuleles are also largely considered the instrument of peace, whereas sharks tend to fall more into the instrument of violent, carnivorous bloodbaths camp, so I guess their similarities don't really hold up so well to their differences.

Still, Jaws realized as a ukulele looks as if would make for some serious jam sessions. If the video is to be trusted, it's at least got the movie's ominous attack music down. And even attached to a $700 price tag there is a wait list for the custom, made-to-order 4-string. Jaws' fret board is constructed from IPE, and his body and neck maple. Teeth are molded from diamonds and razor blades, as per usual.

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