iXoost Supercar Exhaust iPod Dock

By: on May 28, 2012
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iXoost hails from the land of true ghetto-blasting iPod/iPhone sound systems. The land of metallic brilliance, whose docking stations are forged by local craftsmen from solid blocks of aluminum. The land of gnarly, visionary purveyors of music, each fitted with a custom-designed 8-, 10- or 12-cylinder supercar exhaust manifold. The land of iXoost, she lies in Italy. She is called Modena. (And, coincidentally, she is also known for producing ba-bomb-diggity-bomb-bomb balsamic vinegar.)

The crisp sounds and unbridled power of an iPod music library driven by a 140W active subwoofer, and roaring through the iXoost's loudspeakers nearly take a backseat to the docking station's groundbreaking physical design. Fabrication methods, such as the turning and milling of exhaust manifold components on five-axis machines, ensure no two systems are alike. Variable customer options of color, leather, and Allen screws further personalize Matteo Panini and Micro Pecorari's marvel of human imagination and industry.

iXoost--appropriately morphed from the phonetics of the English word "exhaust--has a main base that holds its sound horns, while the exhaust manifold houses its sound box woofer. The standard V8 model is titanium in color and fitted with Schedoni natural leather. It runs $6,300, while V10 and V12 versions increase in price to $8,000 and $10,000 respectively.

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Elbow Cassette Tape Player

By: Elbow »

Elbow recently completed a market test survey on their low-tech, ultra-portable concept that will revolutionize the way you play...uh...mix tapes. A clip-on arm with a pulley system, the Elbow cassette tape player spools...

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Euler's Disk of Infinite Spin & Sound

$30.99 from Amazon »

I'm not saying the Euler's Disk isn't fascinating and rad and a commendable utilization of the laws of physics, but watching and listening to it creates a great deal of anxiety in my heart. It's like the foreboding music...

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Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker

$192 from The Fowndry »

The Death Star Levitating Speaker doesn't so much pose the question of how hard you'll rock out while listening to it as it does the more philosophical question of how hard occupants of the Death Star rocked out while...

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Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds

$299.99 from Amazon »

Listen up! Or, put on a pair of Here One earbuds and drown out my babbling with their smart noise cancellation and wireless audio streaming systems. Here One says their the first earbuds of their kind able to incorporate:...

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SubPac M2 - Immersive & Tactile Audio Vest

$349 from Amazon »

Some people are born with music in their heart, rhythm in their bones. I was born tone deaf and with the dance skills of Doug and Steve Butabi head-bobbin' at the Roxbury. Maybe it's because just hearing music isn't enough...

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AeroBull Speakers

$699 - $1,999 from Jarre »

Jarre loves them some funky speakers (remember the AeroTwist?) Their AeroBulls go canine with sound system design, turning French bulldogs into in-house HD and rechargeable travel speakers whose bark, I'd imagine, far...

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Avegant Glyph Video Headset

$499 from Amazon »

Boldly go where only Geordi La Forge has gone before. Avegant's Glyph is a Kickstarted mobile personal theater that wears like a combo of over-ear headphones and a Star Trek VISOR. Use it to watch movies, play games...

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Aumeo - Personalize the Sound of Your Headphones

$199 from Aumeo Audio »

Plug in your existing headphones to the Aumeo module and customize their output to suit your own ears' preferred input. Aumeo gives you the ability to tweak your audio until it syncs with your individual hearing sensitivity...

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Skull Microphones

This place is dead. But if you're into the types of bands that rock out through skull microphones, dead could be a good thing. Last week we saw steel human head bones tossed into the fire as logs. Now Von Erickson Laboratories...

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Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$227.22 from Amazon »

Naturally, Marshall gets all the style points for its portable Bluetooth speakers. Not that it was a hard task to model their little rectangular box music players after their big rectangular box music amplifiers, but...

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TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

$96.05 from Amazon »

Running with earbuds sucks mostly because it means I'm running, and running is hard and unpleasant. But it also sucks because as I sweat my earbuds either start slipping out of my ears, or they stay in place and trap...

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DropMix Music Mashup Game

DropMix creators Harmonix hope their card game that lets players mix popular songs in real time, and in competition with one another, will become the next Rock Band or Dance Central. And I guess they have a pretty good...