iBamboo Speaker

By: on October 27, 2011
  • iBamboo Speaker
  • iBamboo Speaker

Shock, awe, and deference. That's the chronological exhibit of emotions you'll witness when you friends discover that what they thought was a trinket you schlepped back from your trip to Jamaica is actually an amplifier for the iPhone 4.

The natural resonance of this authentic bamboo creation supersizes emissions from the phone's own built-in speaker, and breathes sound from both ends for a surround-sound effect. Though it's unlikely people who truly champion green living own iPhones, the fact that the iBamboo is eco-friendly and discharges little waste during its production will make those of us who pretend to care about the environment feel better. iBamboo would also like to point out that while all units have the same functional parameters, no two are exactly alike. Each piece is a unique representation of nature's splendor, with special qualities and magnificence. At least that's what they tell the ugly ones.