Helix Wrist Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones

Posted: July 24, 2015
Helix Wrist Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones
$99 - $199
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If you're tired of wearables telling you how out of shape, under-hydrated, and sleep-deprived you are, one good thing about Helix is that it doesn't even know how to be that judgmental. Though this wrist cuff technically falls into the category of wearable tech, it's mostly a novel and more stylish way to carry something you've already been using for years: your earbuds. The simple Helix cuffs contain a wraparound channel and flip-up gold or silver panel on the end for storing their set of stereo Bluetooth headphones when not in use. Keep your audio close, safe, and tangle-free.

Pending a successful Kickstarter campaign, Helix will come in 5 colors intended to make earphones as discreet as they are accessible. The wrist cuff design looks clean and modern, the bulk of it made of fluoroelastomer (same as Apple Watch), and the cuff compartment, control unit, and headphones made of anodized aluminum. Earbuds will be sweat-resistant in their metal housing, with a 8mm speaker/10mm total diameter outputting hi-fi stereo sound. Working distance is up to 30' from the music source, with a mic included for placing/receiving calls.

The Helix headphones wrist cuff seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through September 18, 2015.

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