Female Form Guitar

Posted: April 20, 2012
Female Form Guitar

She's curvaceous, stunning, and sings like a bird. A little hollow on the inside, but, hey, no one's perfect. Guitar visionary Paul Celentano, who also brought us the Transformers and Pac Man Ukuleles, strikes yet another cord (sorry, we had to) with his Female Form Guitar. Custom made to order, the bodacious back and backside, like all women, is intricate and complex--a true tapestry of woods and finishes. Its spruce top extends into a sapele mahogany body, a mahogany neck with truss rod, a rosewood fretboard, and lacewood head stock veneer.

Celentano is happy to adjust the guitar's materials and dimensions to suit buyers' individual feti...er, likings. So, to all musically inclined dudes who have been searching for a craftsman to build them a girl who loves to be strummed, and who possesses an ass that's somehow both leeringly juicy and hard enough to bounce a quarter off of, your godsend has arrived.

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