EarSkinz for EarPods

By: on August 02, 2013
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I may have mentioned this before, but in case you forgot, I have very active sweat glands. More precisely, I am the Old Faithful of sweating. One time at the gym I had a concerned elderly woman run up to warn me that I should be careful because it looked like I was standing underneath a leak in the ceiling. Anyway, I hate--hate--when I am busting ass working out, and the sweat is pouring down my face and into my ears, and it's making my headphones all sweaty, and then I'm spending half my time trying to shove back in the earbuds that keep falling out. I hate suffering just because my body is inordinately efficient at expelling heat and toxins!

EarSkinz, thin plastic covers for Apple earbuds and EarPods, aim to prevent my electrical listening-device related meltdowns. They also add comfort, enhance sound, and look pretty sweet fitted over the otherwise boring white nubs of iDevice earphones.

EarSkinz are made of an almost shaved layer of soft plastic to help give earbuds a more malleable shape that fits more ergonomically to individuals' inner ears. The Skinz's design also stabilizes them against the skin so they don't shift around or fall out while you're walking, working out, or rocking out. In addition, EarSkinz serve as a sort of sound funnel for the earbuds or EarPods they cover. They direct the listener's music or daily affirmation stream directly down the ear canal for improved acoustic clarity and bass. This allows for listening to audio at lower volumes without compromising quality.

Finally, EarSkinz have a fourth highly desirable benefit that their creators seem to be too civil to point out. Good thing I'm not. The bud covers stop grody ear wax from accumulating on your earphones. Ear wax that cannot be washed off properly due to the phones' not being approved for submersion in water or Windex. But EarSkinz are. Feel free to slather your pair of colorful covers with the excrement of your inner ears, and then when someone points out how disgusting that is, just pop them off for a rinse. Good as new. You're welcome.

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Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones

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Earin - World's Smallest Headphones

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Vinci Smart Headphones with AI

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I like that Vinci's headphones are smart enough that I can ditch my phone and still stream music. And I like that they're voice activated for hands-free song selection. And in theory I like the Vinci's artificial intelligence...

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Cat Ear Headphones

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Know what a Berkeley education gets you? The ability to mastermind genius ideas like cat ear headphones. And also the impeccable taste to select an incredibly hot Asian girl to model them. UC Berkeley alumni Wenqing Yan...

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OtoSet Automatic Ear Cleaning Headset

By: SafKan »

I doubt SafKan made its OtoSet to be the Beats headphones of earwax removal systems. But since finishing the last episode of The Defiant Ones, Beats headphones are all I see when I look at the world's first automated...

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Avegant Glyph Video Headset

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Boldly go where only Geordi La Forge has gone before. Avegant's Glyph is a Kickstarted mobile personal theater that wears like a combo of over-ear headphones and a Star Trek VISOR. Use it to watch movies, play games...

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TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

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Running with earbuds sucks mostly because it means I'm running, and running is hard and unpleasant. But it also sucks because as I sweat my earbuds either start slipping out of my ears, or they stay in place and trap...

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Motorola Moto Hint Wireless Earbuds

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The Walnut Moto Hint earbud looks like my mama's dining room table. And the Bamboo one like the living room floor. Black Leather desk chair. Dark Fabric foot stool. Thanks to Motorola, I'll soon be walking and talking...

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Batband Earless Headphones

Batband is a headband that transmits sound through your skull bones. Think that sounds weird? And that the earless headphones look even weirder? Agreed, but...a few points:...

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Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds

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Listen up! Or, put on a pair of Here One earbuds and drown out my babbling with their smart noise cancellation and wireless audio streaming systems. Here One says their the first earbuds of their kind able to incorporate:...