BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Posted: December 20, 2016
BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Do your kids know what Bose-quality sound is? You could enlighten them with a luxe Bose speaker system or some Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Or you could encourage them to enlighten themselves with a BIY BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube.

BIY. That's Build It Yourself, kid. Learn something about sound, music, and speakers before you start blasting them and go deaf by 30. The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube arrives as parts to be assembled, and uses an iOS app with animated instructions to guide to guide girls and boys through the process, plus give them some hands-on experiments once the speaker is complete. Speaker components are pretty basic, and include a coil, magnet, and paper, but Bose assures buyers the end product's output will do their name justice.

BOSEbuilds also include personalization options, such as lights and interchangeable covers. The kit is intended for kids 8 and older.

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