Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits

By: on September 10, 2017
$180 - $2,250
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Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits wisely address a common conundrum of "being prepared": those of us who are down to accumulate and stow away gear, provisions, and medical supplies for emergencies, but who maybe haven't spent the time required to learn how to use them properly.

Most homes, offices, and businesses open to the public have a semblance of a first aid kit on site. However, the benefit of their contents is largely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the person administering them. Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits are designed to guide untrained (or panicked) bystanders through standard and potentially life-saving first aid processes so they can initiate medical assistance while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

Compact, Mobile, and Comprehensive Mobilize Rescue Systems all pair with an interactive app assistant. The app asks the bystander administering aid questions about patient symptoms and status, and then runs an assessment-based algorithm to help identify the most serious problems first. From there, it directs the bystander to the proper equipment in the kit, and then provides instructions on how to manage the emergency.

First aid kit contents are labeled and color coded to be easily located and recognized. They include modern medical supplies to manage conditions such as severe bleeding, allergic reactions, and cardiac arrest.

The Compact Rescue System is small enough to tuck away at home or work, or to keep with you while traveling. You can tap into the Mobilize app and work through it on any personal iOS or Android device.

The Mobile Rescue System is a larger kit intended for emergency response staff. An iPad is included tucked into mounting pocket on the inside of the lid, and comes preloaded with the Mobilize app for step-by-step instructions at any user's fingertips.

The Comprehensive Rescue System is Mobilize's complete Smart First Aid Kit, and should be installed in public places next to AEDs. It too comes with an iPad at the ready, plus a full stock of medical supplies ranging from tourniquets and dressings, to burn cream and hemostatic gauze, to an emergency blanket and biohazard bag.

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In Case Of Cabinets

$200 from In Case Of »

In case of a zombie, vampire, werewolf, or demon emergency take this tiny sledgehammer, break the glass, and prepare to fight for your life. Or run like a girl while tossing Holy Water over your shoulder. In Case Of cabinets...

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SOS Parachute - High-Rise Building Escape System

Panamanian inventor Morris Shahbazi once bragged to disbelieving ears that his SOS Parachute, an emergency evacuation system for people in high-rise office buildings, hotels, and residences, could open in 100 feet, or...

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The Espire Gas Mask

Carlos Schreib created the Espire respirator for professional varnishers and chemical engineers who don't want to work with a heavy filter over their mouth or walk around the office looking like an evil steampunk doktor....

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Spare Me 5-in-1 Auto Rescue Tool

$24.95 from Amazon »

Taking the basic shape of a snow and ice scraper, the Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool extends its scraper's head into an arced body, and adds several rows of traction-ready teeth on top to multiply the car companion's skills...

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Tec Torch Thermal Breaching Tool

I know. If you're not military, law enforcement, or a first responder you can't have a TEC Torch handheld breaching saber tool, but, dude, you can still want it. TEC Torch uses thermal magic, specifically a concoction...

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Emergency Drinking Water Storage

$69.99 from Amazon »

If you have an extra bathtub lying around, have I got a deal for your Zombie Apocalypse preparations. The waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage Bladder lines everyone's second favorite bathroom basin and, when connected...

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Kootek Self-Defense Flashlight

$27.99 from Amazon »

Need a knife, a hammer, and a self defense club in a flash? Then you might want to carry Kootek's knife, hammer, and self defense club in a flash...light....

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Beartooth Off-Grid Communication

$249 - $399 from Beartooth »

Middle of nowhere with no service? Or, how about this: center of the Earth--New Year's Eve in Times Square, Coachella, the Super Bowl--with service completely jammed by all the other yay-hoos trying to text and post to...

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SPOT - Smartphone-Satellite Connector

Sold Out from Amazon »

I might say I want to go off the grid for a week, but really I mean I want to be away from people and civilization right up to the point that I need the help of people and civilization because I got my leg stuck in a...

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Stinger USB Emergency Escape Tool

$14.99 from Amazon »

Ztylus says the Stinger is a USB car charger that can save your life. And not just figuratively when you're on your last 8% and get a very promising hit on Tinder. In addition to the dual USB ports fed by your car's cigarette...

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Kingii Flotation Wristband

$89.99 from Amazon »

Even strong swimmers get tired. And if you doggie paddle into an unexpected current, or get separated from your waterfaring vessel, life jacket or not you may have some trouble getting yourself back to shore. Tom Agapiades...

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SkySaver Rapelling Rescue Backpack

$749 - $849 from Amazon »

Click. Hook. Exit. Forget JanSport and SwissGear, who here wants a SkySaver multi-story personal rescue backpack?...