Mini Keychain Double Action Knife with Tanto Blade

Posted: July 30, 2020
Mini Keychain Double Action Knife
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The entirety of the product description for this mini keychain double action knife with tanto blade reads as follows: "Pocket keychain knife tanto style." At first I was pretty disappointed with that - 5 words is all you got? But then I was like, welp, what more do I really need to know? And paired with the pictures that's at least 1,005 words, so I guess rather than being critical I should be giving the makers of this little OTF EDC gem a pat on the back (blade retracted, of course).

Other information about the double action tanto knife I've gleaned from reviews and mine own 2 eyes are that its blade is 2" long, and the knife extends about 5.25" long open, and 3.25" closed. It comes in colors black and carbon fiber.

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