Khukuri Keychain Knife

Posted: August 02, 2018
Khukuri Keychain Knife
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Oh look, a miniature khukuri knife. Sized just right for my keychain. Sized just right to slice up an apple at my desk. Sized just right to hack down the trees in my new co-worker Maxwell's zen garden. A little cubicle warfare office initiation ritual.

And payback for leaving a half-eaten oyster po' boy on his desk all weekend in the 90-degree heat.

And an unspoken message that I don't really like dudes named "Maxwell" who go by their full name "Maxwell."

The machete-styled keychain knife won't be the sharpest in your collection, but it is legit for EDC cutting tasks. It also has a loop on the end so you can actually attach it to your keychain, and comes with a leather sheath so you may actually want to dangle a khukuri from your keychain.

The knife's full length is 3.5", an blade length is 2". It has a redwood and copper handle leading into the damascus-style steel blade.

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