Winbot Window Washing Robot

Posted: July 01, 2013
The Window Washing Robot
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Fact: no one wants robots to take our jobs. Fact also: but it wouldn't be so bad if they took our jobs that are household chores that we do not enjoy. Winbot, a window washing robot, does for glass cleanliness what Sonte app-controlled window film does for glass privacy--makes it exponentially better with minimal exertion on our parts.

Attach Winbot to your window--any size is fine, as the device will determine measurements and the best cleaning path on its own--give it a few words of encouragement, and kick back to enjoy a pomegranate-acai white wine spritzer and the latest episode of Teen Wolf as the little guy scrubs and buffs 'til your windows shine like a bride who's just suckered some sap into saying "I do."

Users spray Winbot's microfiber cleaning pad with an included solution, and affix him to their glass via a pair of suction cups. These, along with an internal vacuum pump, ensure he stays put while moving. The bot automatically avoids frames and sills, and routes excess moisture, dirt, and grime through an undermounted squeegee to its rear microfiber pad. Also included is a remote control for, uh, control freaks who want to guide Winbot themselves.

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