UV Black Light Flashlight

Posted: December 18, 2018
UV Black Light Flashlight
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See who got up to what at the office holiday party this year with this UV black light flashlight. The 51-LED ultraviolet investigator reveals a few very distinct stains and marks, highlighting them in bright, glowing white upon detection. Most people will use it to uncover dog, cat, and maybe rat pee if you think you might have an uninvited guests. Some might use the black light to uncover other types of dried fluids, say, human fluids that were, say, left behind on your hotel sheets and furniture. Still others can put the UV flashlight to work authenticating currency, driver's licenses, and passports.

And then there are the people who live in the southwest United States. The people who will use their UV black light flashlights to become scorpion hunters!

I don't know who figured it out, or who told clearly Asian flashlight exporter EscoLite about it, but apparently UV light makes an excellent wingman for spotting scorpions. Obviously, if you live somewhere where the critters infiltrate your home, or you just want to see them scamper aglow, this can be really helpful. For those of us who don't though, let's just enjoy the image EscoLite supplies of a scorpion under black light (see gallery above) and its accompanying caption: "Nature, you crazy!"

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