The Levitron

Posted: November 18, 2011
Check It Out

The Levitron? Sweet. Someone is selling a 0-gravity amusement park ride. I bet you sit on the hovering black disc and try not to get bucked off as it bounces and spins wildly, right? And for only $99.99, you could probably get a couple of them for head-to-head...wait, what's that in the demo video? A baseball? An apple?! The Levitron is just a glorified display case for trinkets and fall produce? Yep. For less than $100, all the laws of electromagnetism will currently allow is a 2" disc for showing off your prized possessions weighing 12 ounces or less. So get ready to mount those collectible action figures, the photo of Steve in the Jobs family garage, and what's left of your life savings after taxes, student loans, that weekend in Vegas when you mistakenly thought you were good at poker, and the purchase of the Levitron.

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