TACTILU - Remote Touch Communicator

By: on October 21, 2013

I'm not sure technology will ever truly succeed in delivering remote hugs, kisses from across the world, and sweet caresses to the face and wiener, but it's sure as shucks gonna keep trying. One of several tech-savvy firms on the hunt to translate touch to 0s and 1s: new media art and design group Pangenerator. They're developing the TACTILU, a pair of bracelets that transmit tactile sensations between the linked individuals wearing them, even when wearers are miles apart. (Pictures TACTILUs reflect the modules' alpha stage; future versions will be at least 50% slimmer and made in casted polyurethane.)

Each TACTILU bracelet is fitted with a touch sensor on its upper side, which accepts swipes and pokes from a sending party, and then converts them to tactile/haptic motion on the complementary lower-side sensor of the receiving party's bracelet. Technologies enabling these actions include quantum tunneling composite (QTC) for the touch/sending sensor and flexinol wire, which exhibits muscle-like behavior, for the delivery/receiving sensor. Smartphone WiFi connections and Bluetooth control data transmission and device communication.

While it could never be a complete substitution for human touch, I'd imagine TACTILU might be a nice reassurance for loved ones separated by work, school, travel, or the slammer. I mean, everyone can use an encouraging or affectionate squeeze, a reminder from someone who cares that they do care, every now and then, right? I vote yes. I vote yes even if the squeeze feels less like an embrace or sloppy wet one than it does a doctor or EMT rooting around to find your radial pulse.

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Logical Fallacies Poster

The Logical Fallacies Poster! Finally, ladies! A gift for every man you know. And finally, dudes! A gift for every woman you know. Teachers, a wall-mountable token for your students. Constituents, a mailing-tube-shippable...

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TheTouch Real-Time Heartbeat Rings

$599 - $2,990 from The Touch »

Want to feel close to a loved one far away? Or in the next room when it's too much work to get up off the couch? As part of their mission to "make the most personal connecting tools," TheTouch is finishing up development...

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Sonnet - Off-Grid Mobile Communication

$89 from Sonnet Labs »

I was going to write you a sonnet about the forthcoming Sonnet, a hexagon of wireless communication that let's you send smartphone messages, images, and GPS locations to other Sonnet owners even when there's no cellular...

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The Magic Weighted Blanket

$107.85 - $267.85 from Amazon »

The Magic Weighted Blanket uses a therapeutic approach similar to the Gravity Blanket we saw here last month, with a couple of key differences: 1) The Magic Weighted Blanket is made of baby-bunny-soft chenille and sold...

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Speech Ring Articulation Refinement Tool

$65 from Amazon »

The Speech Ring will not help wearers choose their words more wisely (sad!) but the articulation refinement tool will train them to speak those that do come out more clearly. It's a new attempt to cure mush mouth....

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The Bradley Tactile Watch

$285 - $395 from Amazon »

Although I'm largely an insensitive bastard, even I was puzzled to hear that visually impaired people currently have only 2 types of watches available to them: those that talk, and those with removable covers that allow...

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Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person

$11.06 from Amazon »

...Without Actually Improving Yourself. As a self-help book, Faking It adds a delightful twist: you don't have to journal or meditate or talk about your feelings or change at all to help yourself. You just have to perfect...

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Pilot Real-Time In-Ear Translator

$299 from Waverly Labs »

Even though Pilot's crowdfunding campaign hasn't even launched yet (expect it on IndieGoGo very soon) this translator has already got the internet abuzz. In English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German.... Not only does...

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Diamond Ring Candles

$24.95 from Diamond Candles »

Diamond Candles makes candles (duh) with embedded diamonds (du...really?) Each candle is guaranteed to contain a sparkly ring for its burner to discover as the wax diminishes. Granted, they're not all diamonds, and they're...

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Penis Tuxedo

$29.95 from LELO »

How long has it been since someone said your penis looks "dapper?" For me, the answer is an emphatic "too long." The same goes for "snazzy," "handsome," and "just like Jon Hamm." I can only hope LELO's new TUX, a penis...

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You Is Fine Bears

$17 - $49.99 from Love Is Lame »

Do you love her? Eh. Is she cute? Heh. She is way beyond cute, dude. Hot? HOT. Like... Hotter than Olivia Munn all tatted up and devouring a chili dog in a Xena costume? Uh.... Basically every time I see her all I can...

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Beartooth Off-Grid Communication

$249 - $399 from Beartooth »

Middle of nowhere with no service? Or, how about this: center of the Earth--New Year's Eve in Times Square, Coachella, the Super Bowl--with service completely jammed by all the other yay-hoos trying to text and post to...