SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Keychain Light

Posted: December 08, 2016
SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Keychain Light
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Way less annoying than Robin, way less creepy than Mini-Me, and way, way more useful than George Costanza, say hello to your SureFire Sidekick. Despite being a keychain-sized 2-1/2" long, this high-performance, click-switch flashlight can output 3 levels and up to 300 lumens of smooth maxvision beams optimized for the human eye. (In other words, shining the Sidekick will illuminate your target in a way that's actually conducive to viewing it.)

Click the top of the flashlight to switch it on, and click again to establish your desired lighting level. Low is 5 lumens, mid 60 lumens, and high all 300. Run time ranges from 45 hours of low-beam use to 1.25 hours of full-beam lighting. The Sidekick is rechargeable via a microUSB vehicle, wall, or device charger (comes with Micro-USB to USB Cable.)

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