StopSleep Driving Alarm

Posted: October 25, 2016
Stopsleep Driving Alarm

We can't all buy self-driving car prototypes or Teslas with Autopilot to keep us from veering out of our lanes or "bumping" the median when drowsiness starts winding its way around our consciousness. And even though the StopSleep driver fatigue detector and alarm is exponentially less cool than both of those alternatives, it is also that much cheaper and, if it do what it say it do, just as effective at keeping you safe from a sudden onslaught of Zzzzzs.

Wear the StopSleep on top of 2 fingers--like a knuckle duster; see, that's not so dorky--and its electronic position sensor, plus 8 built-in cutaneous sensors, will monitor movement and levels of awareness and concentration. If working as intended, the device will warn you that you're drifting up to 5 minutes before the real drowsiness (they call it "microsleep") hits with a series of 2- to 3-second vibrations and/or beeps, depending the mode you select. If your electro-dermal activity indicates you're still driving towards dreamland, vibrations and sound will continue for longer.

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