SpotMini - Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

Posted: February 13, 2018

Thankfully, Boston Dynamics has chosen to name this robotic walking canine-oid from my nightmares SpotMini. Otherwise, I think people would be terrified of this. It's just so doglike without having any tail wag or endearing dog head tilt that it evokes some sort of fear in me. But name it SpotMini and the edge is taken off. Sort of.

Boston Dynamics has come a long way with their robo-tech since their earliest version of these four-legged bots. As evidenced in the video above, the SpotMini is capable of not only escaping captivity, but letting all of the other dogs out of their kennels to lead in an all out four legs good, two legs bad revolt on humans. Thanks guys.

But, there is hope. The battery=powered SpotMini weighs in at 30kg and is capable of carrying just 14kg. Now, that's stronger than my girlfriend but...let's be honest, if you can't even bench press half of your body weight, you need to get in the gym before I'm tucking tail and heading for the hills. It does run for 90 minutes on a charge which gives it a chance in a tortoise vs. hare scenario against my weak cardio game I suppose.

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