Soundhawk Smart Hearing Amplifier

By: on February 18, 2015
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It might look like just another Bluetooth earpiece, but the Soundhawk is definitely not just another Bluetooth earpiece. In fact, though it can serve as one, the Soundhawk isn't really a Bluetooth earpiece at all. But its visual likeness to the pervasive hands-free yapping attachment might make it all the more appealing to those for whom this Smart Listening System is truly intended: people who can't hear so well anymore.

People who need a little amplification to get in on the conversation at a noisy restaurant or decipher the words of the low talker at a business meeting.

People who would benefit from a way to watch TV at volume that doesn't blast everyone else out of the room.

And most of all, people who are too stubborn to admit they could use a little help in the cranial bookend input arena.

The Soundhawk's advanced technical design and inconspicuous physical design (at least in the sense that it looks a lot like a device widely used by those who don't need a hearing aid) create an effective, accessible option for everyday sound enhancement. As a Smart hearing helper, the Soundhawk Scoop ear/listening apparatus and Wireless Mic receiver pair with an iOS or Android app to augment the sounds around the system's wearer according to his/her environmental and personal preference designations. The mic, functional over a 33' range, clips to a piece of clothing (i.e., of the person the Scoop wearer wants to hear) or sits on a table near the source, where it picks up sounds to deliver to the Scoop earpiece. Settings within the Soundhawk app custom filter the sounds in between the two so the wearer will hear them as desired.

According to Soundhawk, just 3 easy steps stand between you and hearing the world the way you want to:

  1. Tuning. Match the Scoop's audio settings with your listening preferences. Choose to augment brighter sounds to clarify speech, or go for a fuller listening setting to enjoy a broader range of sounds.
  2. Sound Scenes. Soundhawk acoustic engineers have established a variety of location-specific settings in the mobile app intended to optimize your listening experience. Examples include the theater, sporting events, and restaurants/coffee shops.
  3. Fit and Comfort. Soundhawk comes with 4 ear tips to fit a range of ears and preferences.

Soundhawk Smart Listening System packages include the Scoop, the Wireless Mic, and a charging case. The required mobile app is free.

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