Solar Window Charger

Posted: March 05, 2015
Solar Window Charger
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This solar powered window charger reminds me of the Winbot window-washing robot, except that it doesn't move around your windows and clean them, it just sits there soaking up the sun and converting its mighty power to battery juice for your smartphone. Yep.

The solar window charger attaches easily to panes of glass, from where it catches and stores sunlight in its 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery panel. The benefit to using one of this over a standard wall charger at home is...uh...it's greener? More stylish and hip? I guess it could come in handy on a road trip, with multiple people in the car fighting over the cigarette lighter "outlet". Otherwise, I guess it's just another gadget of proof of what the human mind and China machine can mass produce. Still, if you want the sunshine peeking through your window to give you a couple more bars of battery while it's at it, the solar charger is compatible with a wide rang of devices, including Apple and Android phones, iPad, and Samsung Tab.

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