Skiary SK-3 Smartphone Dermatoscope

Posted: November 13, 2019
Skiary SK-3 Smartphone Dermatoscope
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Find your own melanomas and get up close & personal with moles and the zit-popping experience using this Skiary SK-3 Smartphone Dermatoscope! It's like a microscope for the skin that also provides polarized and UV lighting, and snaps both contact and non-contact hi-res photos for more focused viewing later. The dermatoscope clips on to most smartphones, including iPhone / iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Android.

Skiary largely promotes their SK-3 Dermatoscope for clinical use, but if they're selling it on Amazon, there are probably enough people at home with weird skin lesions, moles in hard-to-see-places, and an obsessive fascination with their own bodies to merit marketing the epidermis examiner to consumers on the side.

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