Secret Agent Projection Gun Alarm Clock

Posted: July 07, 2013
Secret Agent Projection Gun Alarm Clock
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What time is it? Let me check my Secret Agent projection gun alarm clock. Shoot! It's time to get up.

Sleep with this little white pistol replica under your pillow and you'll 1) always have your ear to the blast of your wakeup buzz, and 2) maintain easy access to the current time with the gun's LCD projection of a readout onto the wall, ceiling, or your bedmate's back at the pull of its trigger. I don't know about you, but to me, pointing and shooting the time with an alarm gun sounds exponentially cooler than sliding to unlock it with a cell phone. Additional secret agent weapon properties include date and temperature displays, a snooze button, and red backlighting.

The manufacturer suggests buying a Secret Agent Gun alarm clock for anyone over the age of 5, but I really do not think this sort of thing is suitable for children under 16, or adults with a proven track record of doing stupid shit. ALSO NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO SLEEP WITH A REAL GUN UNDER THEIR PILLOWS. Oh the horror of falling prey to that groggy mix-up....

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