Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer

Posted: August 15, 2017
Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer
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As you'd imagine from their similarity in name, the Robo R2 3D and the Droid R2-D2 have much in common. While the former cannot boop-beep-beep-bee-boop and engage you in deep conversation like the latter, both printer and mech serve as loyal companions, absorb critical information, and reproduce it for you as needed to save the galaxy from the Empire.

The Robo R2 3D printer creates physical rather than holographic reproductions of your designs within its 8" x 8" x 10" build volume. Faster, according to Robo 3D, than most others in the consumer 3D printing space at a rate of 250mm per second. You can also command R2 printing from an iOS device or cloud libraries thanks to WiFi and mobile connectivity and a 5" color touchscreen built into the printer unit. An onboard camera and free Robo app pair up for monitoring print progress from your mobile.

In addition to Apple iOS and macOS, the Robo R2 is supported with Windows and Linux, and can handle file types STL, OBJ, and AMF.

Robo's design has a minute resolution of up to 20 microns applicable to over 30 materials. These include PLA, carbon fiber, wood, metal infused, and flexible material. Add a second extruder and you can print two materials at once. The R2's 3D print platform automatically calibrates and self-levels.

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