Rainbow In My Room

By: on September 11, 2011
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For the people who hope for unrealistic things dreamers among us, this cool little light machine sits on just about any flat surface and sends a rainbow flying across your room. Pot of gold sold separately.

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Acid Trip Pillow

$28.84 from Amazon »

The actual name of this product is Moonlight Pillow. Really? Has the moon been eating Skittles? Did it swallow a gay pride parade? Because the moon I look at has certainly never gleamed the entire Roy G Biv rainbow. Except...

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Aquafaucet Color-Changing Waterfall Tap

$65 from Amazon »

Glistening chrome fountain. Dramatic curved channels. Stunning waterfall cycling through the most brilliant hues of the rainbow. And a mysterious floating orb. Which fantasy novel or video game did this Aquafaucet fixture...

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Iridescent Pocket Knife Set

Sold Out from Amazon »

Normally I'd vote quality over quantity, but seeing as here I can get four probably kinda crappy iridescent rainbow pocket knives for the price of, like, half of one really good black or gray one, I'm gonna go ahead and...

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Bathtub Planetarium

$167.81 from Amazon »

Bathe with the stars! Well, the battery-operated, not the hydrogen and helium gas, kind. Or the Jennifer Lawrence/Ryan Gosling kind for that matter. Still, the Homestar Spa, a planetarium for the bathtub, hot tub, or...

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Color-Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote

$8.86 - $15.42 from Amazon »

Some acid trip mood lighting to complement your acid trip pillow? Together, they're guaranteed to satiate seekers of a psychedelic, yet drug-free lifestyle. And since HitLights' color-changing LED bulbs come with a remote...

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Mood Lights - Image Projecting Bulbs

$25 - $45 from Etsy »

Felicia of MoodLights created her trippy projection bulbs almost two decades ago in a sweeping display of necessity serving as mother of invention. After her parents denied a plea to paint a mural on her bedroom walls...

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Double Rainbow LED Hula Hoop


Epileptics, please approach with caution. Everyone else, behold: hula hoop begat glow-in-the-dark hula hoop begat LED hula hoop begat cascading double rainbow LED hula hoop. This dual-circuit ring o' Roy G Biv is the...

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USB Book & Disco Party Light

$9.99 from Amazon »

From nose buried in Organic Chemistry to ass shakin' to the Chemical Brothers. This USB LED light might be small, but its versatility and output are mighty....

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Kershaw Scallion Knife

$37.36 - $64.81 from Amazon »

Sure, the Scallion Knife by Kershaw comes in black. But the real draw of this high-performance pocket knife? It also comes in...no, not rainbow. RainBLOW. Now I don't know if that stylization of the word is supposed to...

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Flashing Finger LED Gloves

$19.99 from Amazon »

These flashing finger LED gloves from Luwint can be used to get trippy at shows and raves, get in costume for stage performances, get spirited at sporting events, and get laughed off the road while riding a motorcycle....

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Monkeylectric M204 Bike Wheel Light

$24 from Amazon »

Monkey Lights and their explosions of LED colors and patterns first hit bike wheels a few years ago thanks to crowdfunding. Since then the company has built a thriving business around their dual goals of keeping cyclists...

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Tekno Black Light Bubbles

$11.95 from Amazon »

There is a detailed scientific explanation for why otherwise-translucent Tekno Bubbles glow majestic blues and golds under the phosphorescent umbrella of a black light, but we were so Svengalied by the pretty colors we...