Pure Therapy Head & Eye Massager

Posted: July 10, 2014
Pure Therapy Head & Eye Massager
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Take off the Oculus Rift and give your head and eyes a break from the cranio-ophthalmological strain of VR gaming. Slip on this...thing that looks a lot like the Oculus Rift, and feel your tension and fatigue slip away as Pure Therapy delivers a relaxing massage to the oft ignored anatomy above your neck.

A reliever designed specifically for the neck, temples, and eyes (and a superbly geeky way to partake in a couple's massage), the portable Pure Therapy employs double layered airbags to knead the head at determined acupressure points. Massages are customizable via remote control to focus on areas that need it most. Additional user-controlled functions include heat compression and chill sounds, such as Flowing Waters, Beach Waves, Drops of Water, Piano Melody, and Tranquil Gardens.

Pure Therapy head apparatuses are adjustable to fit "almost anyone" via a knob on the back of the headband. The portable system operates on 4 x AA batteries (around 3 hours of use) or an included power adapter.

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