Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed

By: on June 15, 2013
  • Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed
  • Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed
  • Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed
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Well, Prism Glasses for reading in bed or Prism Glasses for reading while lying flat on your back on the hood of someone's Honda Civic after you wake up from a drunken pass out and need to smartphone your way into determining what happened and obtaining the GPS coordinates of your precise location.

The optical wonders look utterly ridiculous, but Prism Glasses serve the irrefutably handy purpose of rotating wearers' view 90 degrees downward such that they can peruse books, tablets, crosswords, and comic book collections without moving their heads or holding them at awkward angles that impart a neck knot so horrible they can no longer look both ways before crossing the street and end up getting pummeled by some male anorexic cyclist who throws a foot-stomping tantrum in his manhood-eradicating Spandex singlet post crash because he's a little bitch and hasn't eaten anything but a 12-ounce bubble tea in 3 days.

Prism Glasses also facilitate watching TV while lying on your back, as well as, I'd imagine, grant a prime view of services being administered by members of the opposite sex.