PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger

Posted: December 22, 2013
PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger
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myFC PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger that runs on ordinary water. Ordinary water orrrrr...a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

In a similar vein as the Hydrogen Reactor, the myFC PowerTrekk's fuel cell technology is a passive system that converts hydrogen gas into electricity that can charge mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS units, and other USB-compatible devices. It functions on the go, in emergencies, and when you don't feel like getting off the couch to plug your phone into the wall. It also works whether the sun is out or not. Unlike solar power, fuel cells remain unaffected by moody weather and the pirouetting earth, and unlike AA batteries, the Trekk can inject up to 1 Amp of continuous power to charge devices at nearly the same rate as a 110V outlet installed in a place that is probably far less interesting than where you'd use the fuel cell.

Operating in tandem with the fuel cell, the charger's detachable lithium-ion battery can store electricity for future use, or charge items independently of its cohort.

myFC PowerTrekk operates silently, without fans or pumps. To use, add water to one side of the device, the system's Puck cartridge to the other, and behold the conversion of hydrogen to electricity. Some words I don't understand that the charger uses to describe this process include: Proton Exchange Membrane; sodium silicide; and chemistry. Supposedly, the conversion is safe, and the only by-product the fuel cell produces is water vapor. Expended PowerTrekk Pucks can be recycled as metal waste.

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