Portable Hookahs Vaporizer Pens

Posted: March 10, 2016
Portable Hookahs Vaporizer Pens

I can't tell you which vaporizer pen is the best. I can't even decide for myself. Pax, Atmos, Titan, Snoop Dogg Double G...so many to choose from! I feel like a girl trying to pick out nail polish! What I can tell you, though, is where to go to buuuuy allllll of themmmmm! Like the voice of God.

Or, more probably given the subject matter, the Voice of the Devil.

Portable Hookahs sells a solid range of vape pen brands and styles, at an equally solid range of price points. Each has the key portability factor that has made vaporizer pens so popular over the last couple of years. Admittedly, in addition to overall aesthetic, the pens do deviate on the conspicuousness scale. Though I was surprised to see that Snoop's Double G is one of the more subtle vape-enablers of the bunch. At least compared to the Cannastick, which plasters a marijuana leaf and the word "Cannastick" across its body.

While some vape pens give partakers the option of vaping dry herbs, oils, or waxes out of the box, for those that do not Portable Hookahs also offers several different attachments for customizing pens so they will cook up your feel-good tincture of choice.

All vaporizer pens Portable Hookahs carries arrive with all parts and accessories necessary to get vaping as fast and frantic as your life will feel slow and chill once you take a few puffs.

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