Pilot Real-Time In-Ear Translator

By: on May 18, 2016
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Even though Pilot's crowdfunding campaign hasn't even launched yet (expect it on IndieGoGo very soon) this translator has already got the internet abuzz. In English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German.... Not only does the tiny Pilot bud stow inconspicuously inside your ear during use, but it also interprets the language you don't know into the one you do as you hear it. Right there on the spot. In real time.

As sick as I'm getting of wearables, the Pilot--presuming it works and creators Waverly Labs can deliver on the thousands of pre-orders they're sure to get--is one I'd be very excited to plug into my head. I hope all the French models I follow on Instagram feel the same. And that they start answering my FaceTime calls.

Waverly Labs designed the Pilot largely for international travelers hoping take some of the stress out of navigating shops and restaurants, local transportation, and people on the street who are maybe asking if they want to buy some tamales but also maybe asking if they want to bug some drugs. While both parties in a conversation will need a Pilot to chat back and forth, the earpiece can at least break down half of the frustrating language barrier.

Pilots will also come as a set of two for wireless music streaming, and include an app for toggling between languages. (It's unclear to me whether or not you can give the second earpiece to another person for 2-way translation in conversation, but I'm thinking not.)

The Pilot works offline and, obviously, overseas. Initially it will have translation capabilities for European-based Romance and Germanic languages, though Waverly Labs plans to expand its repertoire to Slavic, Semitic, Hindi, and East Asian languages as well.

The Pilot expects to retail for $299, but Waverly Labs will likely discount that price for backers once the translator's crowdfunding campaign launches.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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