Personal Mini Air Conditioner

By: on May 24, 2014
$48.34 - $57.36
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The Handy Cooler is a personal air conditioner and fan you hold in your hand and point at your face to blow a 15-knot breeze up to 30 degrees F cooler than the ambient air during stifling hot, but awesome, summer festivals and stifling hot, and tortuous, family reunions at your 3rd cousin's horse farm in O'Fallon, Illinois. Wow, Jimmy, you're right. I definitely have never seen a cross-eyed mare before.

The first evaporative cooling fan brought to market, Handy Coolers also have a rubberized base for flat surface, hands-free setup, and a 90-degree adjustable head for pointing louvers at whatever body part is outpouring the most sweat. A 30dB whisper-soft turbine makes the mini A/Cs quiet enough to use at school or in the office, as well as run while sleeping at night.

Evaporative cooling powers come courtesy of the device's included cellulose filters. Users wet a filter with water prior to flipping the On switch, and when the Handy Cooler's turbine draws hot air through it, the dampened filter drops its temperature and directs the cooled (but not misting) air out the other side. Temperature reductions from this simple process can reach up to 30 degrees F, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. However, note that the cooler works best in high heat with low humidity, so a more reasonable degree-drop range to consider before purchasing would be 10 to 15.

Handy Coolers run either on 4 x AA batteries or a USB connection.

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Smartduvet Breeze Heat & Cool Self-Making Bed

$199 from Smartduvet »

The Smartduvet self-making bed - no, really. The bed makes itself. Just watch. And that's old news. Smartduvet is now launching a next generation of their smart bedding, the Breeze, that adds dual-zone climate control...

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Noria Window Air Conditioner

$299 from Noria »

Granted, when it's hotter than a dragon's undercarriage out and I'm tasked with sleeping through the night, I don't really care if the air-circulating device that makes that possible looks like Jabba the Hutt's butt crack....

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Geizeer Ice Cube Air Conditioner

$119 - $129 from Geizeer »

Make that "Geizeer Super Cheap and Eco-Friendly Ice Cube Air Conditioner." (And it's actually pronounced "Guy-zer," not "Gee-zer," even though in my head it will always be the latter.) At an operational cost of less than...

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Solar-Powered Air Conditioned Bed

$388 - $776 from Aries »

The Solar AC Bed wants to make it a Bananarama cool (cool!) cool summer without draining your wallet or sucking excess power from the grid. This modular cot frame surrounds your existing bed and absorbs solar energy throughout...

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Naiad Lawn Watering Robot

Blake Johnson developed the Naiad Lawn Watering Robot concept in 2009, when he was an industrial design student asked to "Identify a problem in yard care and design a product to solve the problem." In his research Johnson...

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Balluga Smart Interactive Bed

$1,199 - $1,999 from Balluga »

How many reasons do you have not to get out of bed in the morning? Balluga will add at least half a dozen more. This interactive bed claims it is the World's Smartest, and after reading a bit about it, I'll at least grant...

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Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

$112.87 from Amazon »

I never knew--never truly knew--what it was like to be hot--perpetually hot, like, hotter than a nun in a cucumber field all the time--until I moved in with a girl who is interminably cold. It was 94 degrees outside my...

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Armpit Air Conditioners

$36 from Thanko »

They say Summer Is Coming. And not six, 10-episode seasons from now. Like, next week. The Plains, Midwest, and South can expect scorching temperatures, stifling humidity, and lots and lots of armpit sweat....

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Zone Tech Cooling Car Seat Cushion

$28.49 from Amazon »

The key to the Zone Tech Cooling Car Seat Cushion's effectiveness: fan placement. I haven't even used one myself, but one look at where that little 12V fan at the bottom of the seat is pointed and I know my boys will...

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Phoozy Smartphone Thermal Capsule

$29.99 from Phoozy »

Phoozy thermal capsules protect smartphones from physically destructive temperature swings similar to how Silent Pocket privacy cases protect them from personally destructive cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and...

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BedJet Climate Control for Beds

$369 - $499 from Amazon »

I saw the BedJet last week when I was researching (i.e., zombie-clicking through the pages of Amazon) DermaTherapySPORT bedding. DTS is made with some sort of woven fabric golden boy that the company says will keep you...

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Cat Cool Pot Bed Pet Cooling Tray

Japan Trend Shop says the Cat Cool Pot Bed "functions as both a pet bed and as fun decoration to make your cat look cute." I thought they were going to say the dish made from "cooling aluminum" functions as both a cat...