PenCam Spy Video Camera

Posted: January 14, 2013
Spycam HD Video Pen Camera

No, I'm afraid you can't borrow my pen, sir. I'm using it to record you cuddle monkeying around with that 24-year-old boob job who I'm pretty sure isn't your wife so that I can blackmail you for the approximate cost of a 2-week trip to Chile. And, yes, I do pronounce it "Chee-lay."

The Swann PenCam is an executive-quality ballpoint that doubles as an executive-compromising recording device. Its pinhole video camera enjoys virtual invisibility while its 2 GB of memory holds up to 3 hours of juicy footage at a time. The center of the pen unscrews to reveal a USB memory stick that plugs directly into a PC for downloading videos and charging the device. Battery life runs approximately 90 minutes per charge.

PenCams record AVI video files, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Covertly recorded and downloaded videos can continue along the nefarious bullet train of 21st century technology with quick and easy uploads to YouTube and Facebook for the viewing pleasure of the masses. According to Swann, the PenCam is a must-have for sales people, lawyers, mystery shoppers, and people looking to have some fun with the Internet. Basically, those generally held in low esteem and/or those who can royally F up your life.

For a couple dozen extra dollars, buyers can also upgrade to a 720p HD PenCam.

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