Password Vault

Posted: November 11, 2013
Password Vault

This Password Vault seems like a decent gift for people who, like me, follow the universal password rules of choosing a different protective code of at least 8 characters, half of which are symbols or caps, for every one of their 47 online accounts that require pass protection, but who, unlike me, do not possess steel traps for memories.

The Vault stores logins, usernames, and passwords for up to 400 websites or accounts, plus includes a search function for those important enough to actually use 400 protected websites and accounts. A single PIN provides access to all codes in the electronic archive, which has no internet connection, and so is safe from all hackers except Angelina Jolie as Acid Burn.

The Password Vault locks automatically for 30 minutes if a thief or owner who can't remember even one measly password fails to choose correctly 5 times. Those who insist on continuing to try thereafter will risk crumbling the floor on which they stand like the girl playing One-Eyed Willie's bone piano in the Goonies.

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